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Flat Roofs & Skylights

Installing new skylights on a flat roof is relatively easy. There are a multitude of skylights that can enhance the the look and feel of a room and provides a great source of natural light. It is important that when a skylight is installed on a flat roof, that the curb flashing is of one piece. The corners where the flashing meets must be welded.​ However, flat roof leak repair involving skylights is not always easy to do. Flat roof leaks involving skylights are caused by a variety of issues: The flashing around the skylight could not have been installed correctly The gasket that seals the glass to the metal frame shrinks and causes separation. When this seal is not longer tight against the glass and frame, then this will allow water to seep through behind the flashing. Glass & Plexiglass skylights get old and crack due to ultraviolet rays  and cause …Read More

Avoiding a Disaster: Doing It Right the First Time

Purchasing a skylight takes preparation. You need to begin with the location, look, shape, ventilation and so on. Then a “tough” decision occurs, should an expert like Skylight come into my home and do it properly or do I take on the project on my own. The do it yourselfer automatically goes on the internet and finds some videos on YouTube on “How to install a skylight.” Since you are saving on the installation the do-it-yourselfer, decides to purchase the best and most expensive skylight on the market that is “guaranteed” to satisfy his needs and the needs of his family. On a nice warm day the install begins and a hole is made in the roof. After 2 long days trying to install the skylight, it is finally complete to his satisfaction. The new skylight is helping open up the room with fresh sunlight, there are no dark …Read More

Skylights: Helping Combat the “Winter Blues”

Many relate summer to a time with lots of movement, productivity, excitement and happiness. So, why is it that in the middle of fall and the beginning of winter our bodies and minds begin to slow down? Our bodies and minds begin to slow down at the beginning of fall due to one key element that begins to disappear which is the sun.  The sun and its rays begin to have less impact on our day to day lives due to the fact that days get shorter and colder.  Therefore our instinct tells us that we should stay in the warmth which results in getting less day-to day sunlight. This translates to the winter depression widely known as the “Winter Blues.” The “Winter Blues” is developed due to a lack of sunrays that leads to a deficiency in Vitamin D (which the human body makes itself — but only in …Read More



In most cases a skylight can be repaired rather than being completely replaced. We have found that most building owners or property managers are satisfied with their current skylight system, but are unaware of how to properly maintain their skylights.



Many leak problems begin when water makes it way under gaps in the skylight itself, into the flashing around the skylight, or the flat roof membrane that goes up the curb.



When selecting a skylight, there are several factors to consider. Aesthetics aside, you must look at the construction of your building; how thick is your roof? What roofing materials were used?